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Safety Advisor for Dangerous Goods:

Every Company engaged in the shipping or transportation of dangerous goods by road, or activities related to packaging, loading, filling, or unloading of such goods, must appoint one or more safety advisors for the transportation of hazardous substances.
These advisors are responsible for assisting in the prevention of hazards associated with these activities, ensuring the safety of individuals, property, and the environment.

Why a Safety Advisor?
  • The position and responsibilities of the safety advisor are outlined in section 1.8 of the ADR, RID, and ADN. Our experienced safety advisors:
  • Advising your company on the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Ensure your company complies with regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods.
  • Implement preventive measures to avoid accidents.
  • Develop emergency procedures and report accidents in accordance with regulations.

Our Services:
  • Advise on dangerous goods.
  • Regulatory compliance for the transportation of hazmat.
  • Accident prevention and emergency planning.
  • Reporting and notifications of the transport of dangerous goods.


A safety advisor for dangerous goods holds a certificate valid for five years, issued upon successful completion of the examination by the Contactcommissie Vakbekwaamheid (CCV) of the Centraal Bureau Rijvaardigheidsbewijzen (CBR).

Exemption from Safety Advisor Requirement:

Did you know that not all companies are obligated to appoint a safety advisor?
The VLG/VSG/VBG states that the exceptions in section of the ADR/RID/ADN also apply within the Netherlands.
This means that companies can be exempt if all activities are exclusively based on:
  1. Exemption from the ADR: According to section ADR or 3.3 ADR/RID/ADN.
  2. The 1000-point scheme: In accordance with section ADR/RID.
  3. Transport as a limited/exempted quantity: According to section 3.4 and 3.5 ADR.
  4. Calamity for domestic transport: In case of a calamity.

This means that if your activities meet any of these exceptions, you are exempt from the obligation to appoint a safety advisor.
Our experts can help you determine if your company qualifies for this exemption.

Save yourself worries and ensure the safety of your transportation of dangerous goods with our expert safety advisors.

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