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Changes Lithium Batteries 2022
There is an adjustment regarding the lithium batteries, section ll will expire on 1 January.

There is a transition period of 3 months until March 31, 2022, during which time senders can continue to use Part II. This transition period was created to give shippers time to adjust their logistics processes, to ship lithium cells and batteries in accordance with Section IB of Packing Instruction 965 and Packing Instruction 968, as applicable.

This means, among other things, that a Dangerous Goods Declaration is required for all loose lithium batteries. PI 966 and PI 969 for batteries with equipment in the same packaging. Have been modified to clarify the packaging options for Section I, namely:

- The lithium cells or batteries will be packed in UN specification packaging, then put together with the equipment in strong outer packaging; or
- The cells or batteries are packed together with the equipment in UN specification packaging.

The packaging options in Section II of this PI 966 and PI 969 have been deleted as only one option is available as no UN packaging is required.

Global DG Solutions is happy to assist you and can provide you as an E-status holder with the Dangerous Goods Declaration. We also offer various options for storage and distribution.


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