Apeldoorn-In Apeldoorn is from april the number of wagons with dangerous goods by rail greatly reduced. That's because of a new law on the transport of dangerous goods.

Apeldoorn wants guarantees that the ceilings are not exceeded as from next year by work on the Betuweroute alternative routes in Germany.
On the line Amersfoort-Apeldoorn-Deventer may from april only 10 wagons with combustible gas (lpg) per year and 400 with very flammable liquid (petrol). Other dangerous substances may no longer be transported by train by Apeldoorn. For example, in 2013 reason 1934 wagons with combustible gas by Apeldoorn.  

By work on the Betuwe line drive temporarily more freight trains over the coming years via Apeldoorn.

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