The province wants, as soon as possible with State Secretary M at the table on the situation after the train crash on Friday, March 6th, in Tilburg, the Netherlands. There was a collision between a passenger train and a freight train with hazardous substances.

In 2007 found all in Tilburg a similar near-accident after which security measures are in place on the track. By the new accident at Gedeputeerde Staten (GS) the concerns about the safety of rail transport of hazardous materials through densely populated areas, again fed. "That the accident occurred in Tilburg, does not take away the fact that also the other municipalities to the Brabant route serious worries remain about the safety on the track," said GS in their letter to the Secretary of State.

Brabant route
With the construction of the third rail for the Betuweroute in Germany a number of freight trains go via the Brabant route. The Secretary of State had pledged that, as much as possible, goods trains with dangerous substances will continue to make use of the Betuweroute. GS: "the accident last Friday shows once again that this not an unnecessary condition. We would like to have your confirmation that your commitment to, as much as possible, goods trains with dangerous substances via the Betuweroute to let it ride, actually happens. "

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