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Medical Marine Solutions BV, handelsnaam Global DG Solutions Eindhoven is since 2005 the one-stop hazardous materials specialist. Operating from Eindhoven Airport is your freight transport worthy packaged and documented for every transport modality. We can also retrieve your shipments within Europe with its own team of specialists, who on site hazardous materials packing and spot the transport documentation to your customer.

In addition to Physical services, we are also happy to you as external security advisor or security consultant. In addition, we together with our partners, virtually all authorized hazardous materials training, such as IATA, IMDG and various awareness-training courses.

Dry Ice
Global DG Solutions is not only a supplier of packaging, we have more than enough dry ice standard also in stock. Love to give our specialists if required advice on the capabilities of your product packaging.

Medical sector
Our core business is PAN-European logistics in the medical field. Our specialists visits almost every hospital in Europe to bring shipments, and packaging. Whether it's blood, plasma, or lithium batteries of defibrillators. We do this skillfully, quickly and in line with (local) dangerous substances regulations.

Global shipments
Also for global shipments, you can count on us. Our collaboration with a number of air cargo agents and air freight dispatcher ensures that we also very fast can deliver your shipments anywhere in the world. If necessary we will ask even permits.

DG Global Solutions is one of the few companies in the possession of the Government-issued 'E-status', this allows us to even the whole public liability for the transport of dangerous substances by your company.

Finally, we are 100% independent. We have no interests in the transport sector or other interests which could harm our integrity.

Whether on sea, road, or air transport, our Team of specialists is 24/7 available for you!

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