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Transport, documentation, storage, repacking with dry ice


Air Cargo (IATA), Road Cargo (ADR) as Sea Cargo (IMO)


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Global DG Solutions has its own specialized courier service consisting of representative specialists. They are daily to find in different locations across Europe to deliver dangerous goods, take away service or to repack dangerous goods on location.

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Our specialists are aware of the regulation of ICAO (air transport), IMDG and ADR (road transport).
The team is regularly trained as required by the Government, and meet all requirements.

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Dry Ice

Global DG Solutions is a supplier of dry ice, and always has enough in stock for virtually any project. In addition, we can if desired shipments repack with dry ice on our locations, at youre location, or a remote location.

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Global DG Solutions

An all-round dangerous goods specialist


Since 2005 is Global DG Solutions the one-stop dangerous goods specialist. Operating from Eindhoven Airport is your freight transport worthy packaged and documented for every transport modality. We can also retrieve your shipments within Europe with its own team of specialists, they will be on location for packing of dangerous goods and handover the transport documentation to your customer.

Whether on sea, road, or air transport, our team of specialists is available 24/7!

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If you would like to have some more information about transport documentation, packaging options and the transport of your product? Please contact us for more information.

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